A guide to self reliant living











1. Food

2. Manna

3. Water

4. Sanitation

5. Medical,

6. Kerosene heaters and cookers

7. Lighting

8. Wood
cooking and heating

9. Communi-cations

10. Essential

11. Home
built items

12. Electrical; generators
and power

13. War preparedness

14. Gardening


Miles Stair's SURVIVAL










Miles Stair's SURVIVAL


A guide to self reliant living

2. Manna Meals

A hand-powered grain mill and hand-cranked meat chopper -- artistic, and a life-saver! Miles Stair did the beautiful wood working job on the grain mill stand. It is beautifully finished and incredibly strong. Miles hollowed out the bottom 2 x 12 with a router and filled it with lead, then covered the lead with a non-slip piece of rubber glued on with silicone glue. It is heavy, won't move around in use, and best of all it raises the level of the grinder so that one does not need to bend over to turn the handle.

By Mrs. Miles

In the past, hardships taught families the wisdom of storing away preserved foods and staples such as flour, rice, beans, honey, sugar and molasses. Severe drought conditions are again occurring in vast areas of our country - almost the entire mid-west, South, and East. The "Dust Bowl" days of the '30's are not a thing of the bitter past, and may be starting again. Serious storms and tornadoes wreak havoc across our nation.

Drought has brought starvation to the Horn of Africa and parts of China, Pakistan and India, extending as far North as Mongolia. The weather change is world wide, and threatens famine on an unprecedented scale.

[ UPDATE JUNE 17, 2012.   For the past 12 years on this website I have shown you how to build your own storage food supplies. That information is still here - see the links on the left side of this page.  Now, however, it may well be too late to begin the slow accumulation of a supply of stored food. A jump start - a basic supply - is needed now.  That supply should be supplemented with bulk foods such as canned food, whole grain wheat and rice, hamburger rocks, plus garden greens.  But the safety and security of long term, prepared stored food should now be considered virtually a "must have" item.  On the right side of this page are advertisements for two Survival Food companies.  Both are recommended.  They have the stock on  hand for immediate shipment and their prices are reasonable.  Please take the time to compare what they have to offer and choose a good supply of their stored food.  I have obviously been prepared for many years, but nevertheless purchased a nine month supply of food for four people just to have it on hand.  With a 25 year shelf life they are a very smart investment for your future. ]

Jars of canned butter & hamburger rocks.     

When the coming days of privation fall upon the land, many food items might become scarce, rationed, or so hyper inflated in cost that we will have to do without "normal" staples such as butter, hamburger or even a simple cake. These and other staples might well become wistful memories from the present times of plenty.

Imagine what a sudden period of unemployment could bring to your family. In any disastrous situation, the food a family has stored away is what that family can depend upon.

As many of us know, with the preserving of food comes a deep sense of accomplishment and contentment, a special joy that we do have a certain control over the chaos of uncertain times. "Putting food by" for our families is a basic instinct of human beings. Noah worked for years building and stocking up the Ark. Noah had perfect faith in God.

To forestall the inevitable, take action now.  Purchase the canning tools you will need now, while they are available.  Each tool was designed for a specific purpose, and they do their job efficiently.

These easily prepared and preserved recipes will provide a change of diet for your family while helping to "keep the wolf from the door" during hard times.

Mrs. Miles


The world may be frightful outside, but manna meals served with simple elegance, such as with these silver candle-powered warmers, will add comfort and satisfaction to your back-to-basics lifestyle.