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  Many who are preparing for hard times have discovered the great benefits of
kerosene heaters and Victorian lamps.
I have wicks for virtually every heater and lamp made since 1850 in my
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Fire, because warmth IS Survival

Brass Flint Wheel Sparker - A real survival tool!

Ultimate simplicity - flint and steel. High Quality brass construction. Only 1 1/2" long and weighing 7.5 grams, it is by far the smallest sparker I have ever seen. These can be used to start tinder burning, including char cloth and 0000 steel wool.  Puts out a shower of sparks with each turn of the flint wheel.  Starts 0000 steel wool (and char cloth) smoldering with the very first turn of the flint wheel!  I blew on the steel wool, it burst into flames, then small twigs rapidly caught fire.  Even wet steel wool can be squoze, fuzzed up, and will ignite quickly.  Used in extremely dry weather in the woods it will light a fire cube for cooking  without the hazard of the fire spreading.  Uses Ronson Gold Flints. Ideal survival item for packing in a small tin with your favorite tinder.  Carded, with small waterproof carry case and three spare flints.  $4.95


Now with a waterproof carry case! (Similar to >)

Extra Gold flints for Brass Flint Wheel Sparker and Peanut lighter, 5 for $2.00


5 flints $2.00

ZIPPO Tinder Sticks

Zippo Tinder Sticks.  8 Waxed Tinder Sticks, Orange. Carded, compact.  Use as tinder for Brass Flint Wheel Sparker, Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter or Permanent Match. $5.95

Baddest Bee Fire Fuses

8-Pack Baddest Bee Fire Fuses - THEY WORK!!!
I fuzzed one end a little and the first sparks from a Mega Fire Stick started one burning!  A pack if these is in my BOB.
100% cotton tinder has been pressure infused with long burning beeswax and olive oil. New packaging! Each stick is 4" overall and can be cut into shorter pieces. Easily ignites from flint striking tools, matches, or lighter in the wettest conditions. Creates a 3"-5" breeze-proof tindering flame. Burns for up to 10 minutes. 8 pack. Now packed in compact 3/4'' x 4'' water resistant carrying case. (Not for export from the US.)

Baddest Bee Fire Fuses, $8.95


Survival Radio with NOAA Weather Alert - Kaito KA-210

Kaito KA-210 High quality NOAA/AM/FM Radio

If you want a real high quality NOAA/AM/FM radio that you can pick up station in a remote area, this KA210 is a right to use. Rounded corners and slim size with super Hi-quality circuitry is built into this radio. AM: 520 - 1710 Khz; FM: 88 - 108 Mhz
NOAA: Ch1/Ch2/Ch3/Ch4/Ch5/Ch6/Ch7
Directional aerial for better reception in remote areas. Uses 2 AA battery at a low power consumption.  Analog dialing - more reliable than digital. Size: 3 3/8"X2 5/8X 7/8"   $17.95

Static Shield Bags for EMP Protection

Static Shielding Bags for EMP Protection.  Shields electronic items from electric energy discharges and prevents static build-up. 3.1 mil transparent metallic film. 4-layer protection guards against charges inside and out. Metal "Faraday cage" layer shields products from electric energy inside and prevents static build-up. 3.1 mil transparent metallic film. A surface charge from EMP will dissipate quickly by itself without the need for grounding the bag.

Small 4 layer EMP "Static Shield Bag," 4" x 6," for small radio, open top.  $0.75

Medium EMP "Static Shield Bag" for larger electronics, 6" x 8,"  Zip-Lock   $0.95

Mega Fire Stick Fire Starter

Mega Fire Stick Fire Starter

This is no ordinary magnesium fire stick sparker.  The magnesium stick itself is over 2 3/4" long and 5/16" in diameter - enough material to last for years of use.  And, it is big enough for even large hands to hold it!  $3.95   Click here for more details.

New "Bulletproof" Lighter

"Bulletproof" Lighter.

Good old flint and steel sparker lighter.  Electro-polished brass construction.  Fill with naptha lighter fluid or Coleman Fuel and the 0-ring seal will keep the fluid from evaporating for up to six months. Hang on a keychain or use as a key fob or zipper pull - it will be ready when you are. Well made, with nice, smooth threads to keep the halves together for safety.  Rounded bottom.  Dimensions:  0.564" wide, 2.035" tall.  Weight:  0.9 oz.  $8.95  For more information click on the lighter at left.


Mr. Funnel Water Filter

The incredible Mr. Funnel - if you haven't seen the video at www.mrfunnel.com, watch it now. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who stores fuels. Just pour the fuel through Mr. Funnel and it instantly removes water and debris. There is nothing else like it on the market. Just pour the contaminated fuel into the filter and the water-free fuel flows through. Any water that was in the fuel will stay in the funnel - just dump it out when you've filled your appliance. To clean, just turn it upside down and whack it onto a hard surface. Nothing to replace, ever.

I carry only the smallest Mr. Funnel Water Filter, the F1C model, as this size is sufficient for cleaning the fuel used in kerosene heaters and similar appliances.  Small, lightweight, and easy to pack and carry with you.
Model: F1NC - Green body
Height: 6"
Diameter: 3.5"
Flow Rate: 2.5 gpm  
(Not for export from the US.)

Mr. Funnel Water Filter, $14.95

Kozy Glow Gaslight Mantles

Kozy Glow Soft Inverted Gaslight Mantles.  Universal for use on all standard yard, patio and commercial gas lamps using inverted gas mantles. These are not for the Butterfly 828 pressure lantern. Click on photos to enlarge.

Kozy Glow Soft Mantles, $6.95

Dog Tag Size Rescue Signal Mirror

This is the smallest, toughest signal mirror I could find.  2 1/4" x 1 1/8". This is an American made, Hard Chrome finished metal mirror, it has 2 sides, with highly reflective finish. Small enough to have everyone in the family wear one around their neck, or fits into a wallet or Bug out Bag.   $3.95   #C-3


Survival/Rescue Signal Mirror

Adventure Rescue Flash Signal Mirror. Visible over 30 miles. Durable LEXANŽ polycarbonate mirror with mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid for one-handed use. 3" tall x 2" wide.  Instructions on back side of mirror. A small, sturdy mirror is necessary to check face paint, treat scratches, etc, so they are still very useful when you want to stay lost.  $6.95


Opinal Trekking Knife No. 8

Opinel Trekking Knife Khaki. No. 8. 4 1/4" closed. 3 1/4" 12C27 MOD Sandvik stainless blade with crowned hand hallmark etching. Kahaki (looks green) dyed wood handle. Brown leather lanyard. Safety ring for locking the blade open or closed.  Nice, large oval handle makes these knives easy and comfortable to use.  Traditional French utility pocket knife that holds an edge.

Opinal Trekking Knife No. 8 Khaki,  $17.95

Mossberg Bird & Trout Knives

Mossberg 2pc Bird and Trout Knife Set. 

Stainless Steel, skeletal design, pinky finger hole for security. Very thin and compact, flat on the hip, and extremely useful.  $8.95  

British Army Knife

British Army pocket knives.  These are traditional style heavy-duty pocket knifes.  No plastic, just good high-quality stainless steel construction throughout.  Safety lanyard loop.  Both knives have a 2 1/2" Sheepsfoot blade.  The 2-bladed version has a very sturdy can & bottle opener, plus a flat blade screwdriver on one end.  OAL 3 3/4". Made  in Sheffield, England.

Was $22.95,
NOW $17.95

Close out special on
Great Knives!

Was $36.95, NOW  $27.95

<   $17.95  British Army Pocketknives  >   $27.95

Credit Card Multi-Tool

Credit Card Multi-Tool, stainless steel, slightly smaller than a credit card so it easily fits into a wallet or purse.  It will be ready when you are.  These were a really big deal back in the early days of the Survivalist Movement - everyone had one then.  Now only  $2.95  Click photo at left for more details.

Survival Snare/Fishing Tool

Mechanical Fisher with sensitive, flat trigger and stainless steel spring.  The flat trigger is virtually foolproof and very sturdy, unlike the usual wire trigger design.  Pre-Spooled with 9' to 12' of 60 pound test nylon. Use for survival fishing or as a snare for small game or birds. The spool is about 9/16" thick and 3" across.  $5.95  Click on photo at left for more details.

Mechanical Fisher, bundle of six (6), $29.95

Mechanical Fisher, one, $5.95



Snare and Trapping Books

Twenty (20) complete century-old how-to books on traps and snares, 218 MB's, an incredible selection, plus a very large collection of survival information, all on one completely packed CD.  The complete list is located below (click).  $13.95

Exotac FREEKey System Key Ring/Chain 002821

Exotac FREEKey System. Designed in Sweden and manufactured in the USA from high-grade stainless steel, FreeKey rings eliminate the always challenging operation of a traditional key ring by opening with the simple press of the ring.  $7.95 
Comes with 3 Smaller Rings
Press Bump to Open
Fits up to 5 Keys
Easy to Use
Saves your nails
Material: Stainless Steel  

Navigator Compass ( REV 3 )

Navigator Compass ( REV 3 ). Slips easily onto a watch band or pack strap.  Always handy when you need it.  $2.95  Click on photo for details.

COLD WAR Visual Aircraft Recognition Cards (VAR)

Issued by the U. S. Army in July '77 to train ground & air forces to distinguish friend from foe, this set of 54 cards features front, side and back views of US, NATO, Chinese & Soviet airplanes & helicopters, with visual features & technical specifications for each aircraft. These cards are in perfect condition. 2˝"x 3˝".  Great conversation pieces!  Very sturdy construction & extremely interesting.  54 card set.

$2.95 per set

Maratac 550 Paracord - (Parachute Cord)

Maratac 550 PARACORD, Commercial Grade.  U.S. made by the Government Contractor, cut in 100 foot hanks. Black with green tracer line (only). The tracer line breaks up the visual profile of a solid black line, acting as a sort of camouflage. (This is the only color in stock.)  550 cord has tons of uses and should be included in everyone's kit.  Click on photo at right for details.   (Not for export from the US.)

Maratac 550 PARA CORD, US ONLY - $7.95 @ 100 foot hank.

A&P Key Rings

A&P Key Ring   (Airframe & Powerplant)
Nifty rings to keep keys and small tools organized. They are made from strong and flexible stainless aviation cable with brass screws and threaded barrels.  6" only in stock.

A&P Key Ring - 6 Inch Cable (1.9" circle) - $1.75

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Mini Multi Bit Driver

This Mini Multi Bit Driver is very handy to carry on a keychain.  Has both small flat blade and small Phillips blade screwdriver bits and the end has a socket for the small nuts used on many eyeglass frames.  The small flat blade bit can also be used for the small rear sight adjustment screws on many handguns.  Length:  2.371".  Diameter:  0.203".  Electroplated steel construction.   $3.95

P-51 and P-38 Can openers

P-51 Can opener is an update of the World War II P-38 can opener for C-rations.  At 2" long, the P-51 is stronger and easier to use.  Key ring attachment hole, folds flat for carrying.  US Shelby  US Govt. #P-51-2-1503. 

The P-38 can opener is 1 1/2" long and half the weight. In an emergency these small tools can open crates & boxes or move scope adjustments, strip wire insulation, etc, but the greatest utility is having a can opener available at all times for emergency use.  US Shelby US Govt.

P-51 Can openers

One P-51 = 95 cents @

Six pack = $5.45

P-38 Can openers

One P-38 = 75 cents @

Six pack = $4.25

Static Shield Bags for EMP Protection

Static Shielding Bags for EMP Protection.  Shields electronic items from electric energy discharges and prevents static build-up. 3.1 mil transparent metallic film. 4-layer protection guards against charges inside and out. Metal "Faraday cage" layer shields products from electric energy inside and prevents static build-up. 3.1 mil transparent metallic film. A surface charge from EMP will dissipate quickly by itself without the need for grounding the bag.

Small 4 layer EMP "Static Shield Bag," 4" x 6," for small radio, open top.  $0.75

Medium EMP "Static Shield Bag" for larger electronics, 6" x 8,"  Zip-Lock   $0.95

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All seven of my Hard Times Survival Made Easier booklets, revised and expanded, including Nuclear War Survival by Miles Stair, with many new color photographs, on one CD in Adobe Acrobat 7.0.  An outstanding value that will not disappoint.

PLUS FREE EXTRA BOOKS as shown below!!!
8.   "Family Shelter Designs" - Office of Civil Defense, 30 pages.  
9.    EMP  - How EMP could be employed against the US.
10.  EMP - Practical Protection, by Miles Stair.
11. Nuclear War Survival Skills book by Cresson Kearney, 527 pages.
12.  Recovery from Nuclear Attack, 24 pages.
13.  Survival and Austere Medicine -  full 213 page ebook - a "must have" book for survival.
14.  Infection Control for Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers, 210 pages.

15.  Emergency Food and Water Supplies.
16.  Disinfecting Exposed Surfaces.
17.  Preparing for the Coming Influenza Pandemic.
18.  Versatile mini kerosene heaters you can make.
19.  Circular wick reading lamps - care and feeding of.
20.  Kerosene heaters and stoves - photos, uses.
21.  Nuclear Weapons Effects; 37 pages.
22.  Defense Against Toxic Weapons; 60 pages.
23.  Field Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook; 129 pages.
24.  Medical Management of Biological Casualties; 182 pages.

25Hendley's Book of Recipes, Formulas & Processes.  1914, 818 pages. 10,000 formulas!

26 - 30. Information to enhance survival during times of civil insurrection or rebellion.
                    New additions!!!
31.  Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them (1918), 126 pages.
32. Planning Guidance for a Nuclear Detonation. Homeland Security. 97 pages.
33. Shelters, Shacks and Shanties. 274 pages. 1914. How to build shelter in the woods.
34. Appleton's Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics: Mechanical Engineering and the Mechanical Arts. 1884. 999 pages, 5,000 illustrations. Fabulous reference for how things worked before the age of electricity.
35. Hungry Forties. 291 pages. Meals and living in a terrible government-induced depression. 1904.

37. Harness Making, with numerous illustrations. 1904. 111 pages.
38. Twenty (20) complete century-old how-to books on traps and snares, 218 MB's, an incredible selection.
  articles/books in total, many with unique survival information unavailable anywhere else.
And an Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 program.

  All this for only $13.95 plus S&H   (Printed booklets below)

EndTimesReport.com is now available for safekeeping. New Version now in HTML - plays on any computer. New version has NO ADS.  All links work to all articles in this site AND all external links to outside reference websites work too.  - $13.95

Both CD's above - EndTimesReport AND the Booklets CD - only $21.95

The Honey Factory by Miles Stair. (CD only, not printed book) - $13.95

Medical Survival Info from the CDC, OZ, Canada, Switzerland, FEMA, Homeland Security, FDA, USDA, Extension Services, Red Cross, etc for virtually all medical emergencies.  Influenza information specifically related to prevention, treatment, preparations for both business and individuals, food, health care, quarantine, sanitation, water, etc. 645 MB's, prints to 6,289 pages PLUS the complete texts of "Where There is No Dentist," "Where There is No Doctor," and " Survival and Austere Medicine." $7.95

ALL CD'S:   Survival Booklets  (as above),  EndTimesReport.com,
The Honey Factory and  Medical Survival CD -  one Gig of info on 4 CD's
Shipped Quickly via Priority Mail  - 
only $28.95 + postage

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