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Catholic Truths (Part I) edited by Michael J. Coppi

Catholic Truths (Part II) edited by Michael J. Coppi


Both Pope John Paul II and Our Lady herself urge us not to speculate on *when* certain events associated with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the Second Coming will occur, but rather to focus our hope, through prayer, on the peace and love we anticipate.

Yet we are also told to prepare (mostly spiritually). Even the Pope recently tells us to "be alert".

So it is at the risk of sounding hypocritical that theories involving timing scenarios are presented. This can be rationalized, I suppose, by the supposition that it is JUST SUCH HYPOTHESES that will promote awareness.

Pope John Paul II has encouraged evangelization and discouraged "end of the world" speculation. So the following perspectives on the *End of Time* [as we know it], not End of the *World*.......... http://www.mgr.org/nothend.html .......... are presented to increase *awareness*...........

The seeming urgency of a global "end" prompts us to alert others to be prepared (who, as myself, may die tomorrow anyways, and enter eternity, good or bad *then*).


Applicable [borrowed] comments:____________ 

The purpose of this [summation] is NOT to reveal some great truth that I have obtained through personal revelation. Nor is it to insist that my point of view/theory is the only correct explanation of [end-time matters].

Rather, it is to... make a few observations in regards to certain aspects of Biblical prophecy so as to focus public discussion and awareness upon them.

With that said, our discussion has concerned the end of an era, which we are surely in/approaching (in my opinion, that of numerous theologians, and in the opinion of multitudinous Christians. There is currently available material INEVITABLY pointing out that the reign of Mary's Immaculate Heart is near.........

James Dobbins, Ph.D. <jdobbins@nishanet.com, 20 May 2001: ________________ 

Isn't there a difference between the end times, and the end of time?

Jim Shea <arnoldgroup@earthlink.net: _______________

Recently, I've discerned that there is a distinction between the 'End of Time' (in the Einsteinium sense) and the 'End of the World' which I associate with the Final Coming/Judgment.

I certainly can't say if this is the final word on the subject, but it's my best guess as to what the proper terminology should be for distinguishing the two separate events.

The 'End of Time' occurs prior to the 'Era of Peace' in my understanding. The 'End of the World' occurs after the Judgment.

As I said, we're not speaking 'Ex-Cathedra'...

Commentary by a priest: _____________

I understand the phrase "End of time" to mean the end of the time measured by human weakness. I feel this is more or less correct since it seems to be backed up by the message of the Divine Will given to Louisa Piccaretta.

We might see it in this way. The "Era of peace" is that time prophesied in the book of the prophet Isaiah ("The lion shall lie down with the lamb" etc) and the time of the fulfillment of God's promises for his people ("The time shall come when the mountain of the House of the Lord shall be the highest etc....." refers to the Church).

This is a "New thing" and therefore a "New time". No longer measured since the birth of Christ but measured from the time of the Triumph of the Divine Will (and the Immaculate Heart of Mary)... the "New Era of Peace".

.. Jim Shea & Jim Dobbins: _____________

... we must distinguish between the end of times (end of the world) and the end of time, or as it is sometimes said, the end of the age or end of the era.

The end of time means the end of the period where Satan rules the earth. It initiates the era of peace and the Eucharistic reign, and is the beginning of the 1000 year period spoken of in Revelation, although the 1000 years should not be taken literally.

The end of times will be at the Second Coming, when Jesus comes in judgment, following which God will recreate heaven and earth, when God will remove the veil separating heaven and earth and God will walk among His people.

Time, as we know it, is a construct by which we measure physical change. After the Second Coming, we will live in an immortal state and we will cease to have the effects on our being which it makes sense to measure with time. We will be immortal, coexisting with God, sharing in His divine nature by participation, and this is not an alterable state of being.

But I am not dogmatic on this, it is only speculation.

Therefore time will have no effect on us. We measure time, in gross, in terms of hours and minutes and days. In Revelation, John tell us we will no longer need the sun and moon for the light will be Jesus...


I agree with the above definitions.

Adding a few words might simplify matters:

The End of *A* Time (the end of a particular age/era/epoch).

The End of *ALL* Times (the end of all ages/eras/epochs).

An example from the Bible would be Hebrews 9:26 where Paul cites that Jesus came at "the end of (the) ages". IE: He [first] came at the end of

*many* ages [of time], obviously not at the end *all* ages, for many ages

(or at least one age, depending on your definition) have passed since then.

Some, however, disagree...............

Desmond Birch, <irenaeus@qwest.net: ______________

That scenario is definitely not in synch with the teachings of the greatest Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas...

Yes, there is a difference between the terminology "End of Time", and "End Times". To add an extra dimension to our understanding, St. John tells us in Scripture that all those who live after the Resurrection of Christ live in the "end times".

Most of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, however, define the specific "end times" as the period between the rise of the Antichrist and the 2nd Coming of Christ for Final Judgment.

The length/duration of time between the death of the Antichrist and the 2nd or Final Coming of Christ is not dogmatically taught by the Church. It is in the area of 'speculative theology'. But it is traditionally taught by the majority of the Fathers and Doctors who discuss it (and there aren't a great number of them who do so) as a period of very short duration.


M.T. Melvin, mtmlaw@mobiletel.com: _____________



In the back of Fr. Iannuzzi's book "The Triumph of God's Kingdom in the Millennium of End Times" there is this about the author:

Joseph Iannuzzi is a Roman Catholic Priest in the Oblates of St. Joseph. He has a Master's Degree in Theology, and is currently (1999) studying for a Doctorate in Sacred Theology at the Gregorian University Rome, Italy.

The topic of his new book again concerns the End Times and a "Middle or Interim Coming" of Jesus prior to his Final Coming...

********** QUESTION..............

Beth, <drummonds@saltspring.com:: ____________

... In Desmond [Birch's] book there is a very clear time line laid out of a conditional chastisement followed by the Era of Peace. This is to proceed the Antichrist and the second coming of Christ.

Father Iannuzzi's book focuses on a Eucharistic Reign of Christ following the Antichrist but proceeding the second coming of Christ in Glory.

Both are describing an Era of Peace but are these one and the same or two different events/times?

My understanding has been that the conditional chastisement depends on the response of man to God and can be avoided if we turn back to God. The Antichrist and tribulation can not be avoided and will happen at some time in the future...

POSSIBLE ANSWERS................

_____________ I do not believe that Our Lady of Fatima was talking about the end of the world when she said "in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph". The Second Coming could be thousands of years off. She was talking about a period of time that may include a severe chastisement depending on how we respond, but which will ultimately result in an era of peace.

Jim Shea <arnoldgroup@earthlink.net: _______________

... Fr. Iannuzzi's position of the theory that there is a "middle coming" ... an 'Interim Coming' and a "Eucharistic Reign"... seems to explain some of the mystery of statements made by people such as St. Faustina and more recently Stanley Villavencenzia about Christ Coming in Glory as the King of Mercy prior to coming as the Just Judge...

Both St. Faustina and Stanley allude to a 'Second Coming' that is separate and distinct to 'the Final Coming'. At least that is how people have interpreted their writings...

The fact that the Pope saw to it personally that St. Faustina was both beatified and canonized in a relatively short period of time, lends credence to her importance; and this, along with Fr. Michalencko's [Papal appointee] support of Stanley of the Philippines has led me to conclude that there is much to what Fr. Iannuzzi has posited...

Cardinal Ratzinger has stated that the Church has not made a definitive statement in this area.

Remember, none of us are speaking Ex-Cathedra here and this is all speculation; but this does seem to tie into the concept of the Era of Peace forecast by Our Lady at Fatima and constantly alluded to at Medjugorje...

Fr. Iannuzzi and Desmond [Birch] have written books that do an excellent job of providing us with plausible scenarios based on their understanding of what the Church tells us and their extensive research.

I have concluded that, as the Church says, I can conclude nothing...

The key question is: Where does the Antichrist fit into all this?...

... there seems to be two incidents where an evil reigns that is subsequently vanquished by Christ, one in Revelations 19, I term the 666 Anti-Christ and his false prophet which are tossed into the Lake of Fire, and another Gog/Magog that emerges after a *symbolic* 1000 years of Satan being chained in Hell for one final time prior to the Judgment...

The 1000 years could then be the Era of Peace. It seems so simple when you read it that you wonder why it has never been interpreted that way before, which is one of the reasons I think Fr. Iannuzzi wrote his book...

Sometimes, the ignorant (like me), can make a simple observation about a topic in an area that experts, encumbered by years of occupational biases and pressures from their peers and superiors, have been blind to. Maybe that is the 'answer'. More likely, God has seen fit at this time to lift the veil of secrecy on this aspect of our faith...

Beth, <drummonds@saltspring.com: ___________ .

.. I think it was Michael O'Brien in the book Father Elijah who compared the book of revelation to a hologram. Parts of it are visible and played out in every generation. Someday the whole of it will come to pass. Until then much of it will be clothed in mystery.


*Is* the Second Coming and the Final Judgment the *same* event? Some say, "yes," others, "no." Neither view is dogmatic (yet) - and, again, what exactly is the *First* Judgment?

... nowhere is it definitive (as in dogmatic) that *no* time can exist between the Second Coming and the Last Judgment. We simply have no scriptural basis to prove, either way.

As God created the heavens and the earth in six days, do we take that:

1) literally, where the 6 days took 144 hours,

2) much longer, because the earth was not yet rotating,

3) millions of years, but only 6 'days' from God's perspective, or

4) Something else entirely?

Theologians have argued this very point endlessly without successful dogmatic pronunciation of either viewpoint.

The point to observe is "... beyond history," and whether we regard that:

A) the 1,000 year period *really* means 1,000 years, and

B) that period, what ever its length, is within or beyond "history."

Part B) is exactly the question. Alleged visionary John Leary said that "time will continue" during the era of peace that follows the Second Coming of Christ. But Eternity is outside of time and history. John Leary himself talks about eternity being beyond time. John Leary says there will be an era of peace before the eschatological judgment...

According to at least one visionary in the Philippines, the Reign of Peace following the Triumph will be an Era where Jesus and Mary will Reign over the Earth for 1000 years.

Even Pope John Paul II feels that the world will be renewed soon - perhaps a short tribulationary period possibly following the Miracle, before the Triumph...........

_____________ It is the true message of hope that our Holy Father is preaching in Tertio millennio adveniente (As the third millennium draws near). There will be an era of peace in history (in time), before the Second Coming.


Here's another report, part of which *seems* to correlate to an audio tape I remember hearing about 10 years ago which told of/predicted a "reversal" of the expansion of the universe, comparing it to a pendulum which was nearing the full stroke of it's swing, and about to "return" to it's starting point. Could this "juncture" in universal time be related to what we anticipate ("the end of time")?..............

Marc Nonnenkamp, MNonnenkam@aol.com, 29 May 2001:

_________________ ... Father Malachi Martin believed a supernatural event will occur... which he called a "fission" of time. I believe this to be identical with the "Warning" of Garabandal.


. Remember, the Era of Peace is *before* Christ comes again in His

*Body.* When Christ comes in His Body, it will be the Last Judgment.

[Some assert that Christ's Second Coming is NOT the Last Judgment, and that Christ will come *spiritually,* not in Body, to cast all evil from Earth and return the planet to what it was originally meant to be, an Eden for Gods children, before Eve tasted the apple. None of this violates Church teaching, nor does it support Millennialism...

Christ *Himself* will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead at the Last Judgment. To end the Tribulation, He will come in His spiritual (not physical) body to cast all evil into Hell and establish the New Era of Peace and return the Earth to its Garden of Eden form.

Talk of this "Return", assuming it is not the "Final Coming" (as in the Last Judgment per the Apostles/Nicene Creed) has prompted a valid question: ............

The thing I have trouble understanding is how in various apparitions we are told of "The Glorious Return" of Jesus yet I've been led to understand that it is different than the Return that is described in Revelations - so what kind of Return are we talking about?

Some answers............

I think this means the reign of the Eucharistic Lord which is to coincide with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. This is not the Final Coming in glory spoken of as happening at the final judgment and prior to the re-creation of Heaven and Earth.

It would be the Return of the Spirit and that would be a return to total LOVE.

... the Pope... mentions how "Jesus", hidden in the Eucharist will manifest himself in a very visible way from the Eucharist. This may answer your question as I had a confusion about this matter also. I am under the idea that with the return of Christ it will be judgment day!

But this will be his return in a special way that won't be part of that yet. This new era will be the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and an era of his Divine Will.

 Father Gobbi, in a public letter, recently discussed the idea of the second coming of Christ and the last judgment being two separate events, and also touched upon the idea of a coming time of peace...

 ... Mgr. Aldo Gregori's book "The Intermediate Coming of Jesus". In this small book, Mgr. Gregori, based on the bible and complemented with private revelations, DEMONSTRATES there will be an intermediate coming of Jesus (about to happen), before the final coming...

Mgr. Gregori quotes Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, eminent Prelate of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, answering to question of father Martino Penasa: "The problem of the second coming of Jesus is still open for discussion. There is no pronouncement of the Holy See on this matter yet, that might be considered as definite."

According to the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP):


1) We are now in the days of the "end of time". This is not the same as the end of the world.

2) The Anti-christ is in the wings. He will soon appear...

3) When things are really bad, Our Lady will become more obvious and Our Lord will come (in the Eucharist and/or by means of some physical appearance). This will be the beginning of the New Era, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: the Era of the Divine Will.

4) Much of this is conditional in terms of its timing and severity, but there will be a chastisement. It cannot now be avoided.

5) Our Lady says that it is not knowing the details that is important, but being consecrated to her Immaculate Heart and living that consecration each day. +++++++++++++


Desmond Birch, <irenaeus@qwest.net:

.. Another item which is often overlooked in attempting to understand/ interpret the Book of Revelation - is that it is NOT written in chronological order... It often describes an 'event' - only to drop it - only to come back to it later on.

Subsequently, people who attempt to read the Book of Revelation in any sort of chronological order will undoubtedly come away with a skewed understanding of the events in the book...

... Church-approved prophets who give a detailed chronology of the very end times, they consistently state that the Age of Peace comes before the Antichrist - not after him.

... those in our time have the full evangelization of the world to look forward to - in the Age of Peace - prior to the time of the Antichrist.

There is some period of time indicated of some duration to occur after the death of the Antichrist. Some call this also a period of peace. But that is not the period which so many Canonized Saints, Blessed, and Venerable and other holy Catholic souls have specifically foretold as yet to precede "the AntiChrist".

In other words, it is not an either/or situation. That is what most people have not comprehended yet. It is not an either/or situation.

...[there are] many prophecies about the Age of Peace which is foretold to precede the Antichrist ... The Holy Father knows this well. He could be speaking of the possibility that "the end" is just around the corner. But he is not. Instead, he tells us:

* That the "majority" of the people of the world have not received an "initial" evangelization.

* He tells us that the work of the evangelization of the Church will "go on for many years into the 3rd Millennium".

* He tells us that he "sees" finally the evangelization of "Asia" in the

3rd millennium...

............ YET:

Although we see that Desmond tends to "downplay" the possibility of an imminent AC, recall that the Warning could bring about a "sudden evangelization" after which the AC quickly establishes control according to some modern visionaries.

POPE GIVES APOCALYPTIC HOMILY TO NEW CARDINALS, February 21, 2001 http://www.nypostonline.com/news/worldnews/news022101.htm

 ROME - ...44 [bishops were elevated to the rank of] cardinal by papal proclamation... John Paul... reminded the cardinals that the red of their robes symbolizes the willingness to die a martyr.

"In this fiery red is there not perhaps an indication of the burning fire of love of the Church that must nourish in you the readiness, if necessary, of giving the supreme witness of blood?" the pontiff said in his homily.

John Paul urged his listeners to read the "signs of the times," and to draw closer to God in prayer so that they can engage a world where globalization and scientific change brings the potential for crisis to humankind.

Noting that the new cardinals represent 27 countries, John Paul said he saw in this a sign that the Gospel has been "spread now in all corners of the planet" - which, adding mystical portent to the pontiff's words, is one of the signs the Catholic Church believes will precede a severe persecution of the Church, leading up to the Second Coming of Christ....

Regarding private revelation, upon which much of the speculation is based:

 ... there are certain individuals, who are supposed to be "channels" for Jesus [and Mother Mary], teaching at this very moment... It is of course left to everyone personally whether they want to believe in such teachings or not...

Colin Donovan <cdonovan@ewtn.com:

 If you take away all the alleged mystics, and all the speculation about dates, and rely only on the Fathers, the Catechism, approved apparitions, saints, blesseds and venerables, you still end up with a period of Tribulation which destroys evil, followed by a Triumph accompanied by a Theophany (a manifestation of God's Presence), which inaugurates an Era of Peace, that lasts an indefinite amount of time and ends with the great apostasy and the Return of Christ, Last Judgment, end of time.

This is well summarized in Desmond Birch's Trial, Tribulation and Triumph, which accurately summarizes the Church's doctrine and the approved private revelations.

......... Desmond Birch:

. After our age of unbelief which has been going on for centuries, a marvelous change will take place. The earth will once again be relatively peaceful. It won't be perfect. It will just seem that way to people who grew up in the era of unbelief...

The private prophecies of dozens of Canonized Saints, Blessed, and Venerable speak of an era of peace - as Fr. Iannuzzi is currently speaking of it...

* It's duration will depend upon human correspondence with grace.

* The devotion to the Eucharist will be the highest it has been since the time of the apostles.

* The devotion to Our Lady will generally be as high as it was amongst the apostles and their disciples.

The large cities with their factories which have appeared since the Industrial Revolution - will disappear [according to what Our Lady revealed to 'Pere Lamy' about the era of peace...

Salvador Suau, suaus@dmjm.com:

___________ ... If you really want to have a date/hour for conversion, it is now, right at this moment. If I live my life as if I were to meet my Lord tonight, I can not miss the boat, whether it comes tonight or 3,000 years from now...

Fr. Frank Pavone National Director Priests for Life, mail@priestsforlife.org, 11/22/00:

... When the year 1000 was about to dawn, people were fleeing to mountains, in anticipation that the return of Christ to earth was imminent. At the dawn of the year 2000, those expectations took a more technological twist, with fears of major computer - and hence societal - breakdowns.

Neither happened... The Lord wants us to anticipate and prepare for His coming, not as something that we hinge on a particular date or identify with a particular calamity, but as an ordinary aspect of our daily Christian living.

On the one hand, we know He is coming; on the other, we don't know when. Yet every moment is an opportunity to make that coming more central to our lives.

We know He is coming. "For the Lord himself will descend from heaven, with a cry of command, with the archangel's call, and with the sound of the trumpet of God" (1 Thess. 4:16).

His return in glory is professed in the Creed: "He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead." This will be the culmination of human history.

We do not know the year, day, or hour of His coming. "It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority" (Acts 1:7).

As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, "This eschatological coming could be accomplished at any moment" (CCC, 673). Awaiting and preparing for that coming is an ordinary, foundational aspect of Christian life.

At each Mass we are reminded of this when, after the Our Father, the celebrant prays the words "we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ." Our "waiting" is filled with joy, because when Christ returns, our salvation is fulfilled and all evil is conquered.

Our waiting is filled with hope, because Christ embodies all we long for. Our waiting is active, not passive, because the fruits of our efforts at building a world of justice, love, and peace will not be lost when Christ returns. Rather, "we will find them once again, cleansed this time from stain of sin, illuminated and transfigured" (Second Vatican Council, Gaudium et Spes, n. 39)...

The Lord wants to find us active upon His return, active in establishing the Kingdom which He comes to fulfill...

Rev. Joseph L. Iannuzzi, S.T.L., <soulofjesus@juno.com, 6 Jan 2001:

... I'd like to especially emphasize concerns the dissemination of reports of our Lord's imminent return before the end of the Great Jubilee Year. Among the series of reports to have made such claims are Fr. Don Gobbi, Stanley from the Philippines, Gianna Sullivan, and others...

Take for example the return of Christ in glory that was said to occur during the Great Jubilee Year. While this prediction may remain true if interpreted correctly (in its spiritual sense only: Christ has begun to reign "in the hearts" of that quota of individuals mentioned in the Book of Revelation), it was interpreted by many lay persons and several prelates promoting the MMP, Stanley and Gianna as a "physical return" or "final coming" of Jesus Christ to earth!

... such an interpretation is clear heresy...


 "... Why do we look for the Second Coming? Because anyone who has encountered Jesus in this stage of the world's salvation knows that we are imperfect beings who often fail. WE FAIL, not God. We hope and joyfully await the total revelation of what happened on Calvary, a world where fear and doubt, pain, suffering, starvation, death are eliminated from the experience of Man.

But this isn't a passive waiting period in which we sit and hope and do nothing. We have been INVITED BY GOD to be instruments through which salvation is revealed...

... our desires get in the way of a complete and total encounter with Jesus, we look forward to the day (whenever it comes... - on earth or in heaven) when what we know and what we feel will be fully experienced and fully seen by the whole world.

That is the completion, the fulfillment, the revelation which we eagerly and joyfully await. If the Kingdom were not already here, we could have no knowledge of the joy prepared for us in this life, in the next and especially when we see God's plan totally completed in all Mankind."

************* MORE COMMENTARY:

 "... I believe that we can never know the specific "day and hour" of Christ's arrival because sometimes in the Bible a day is from "sunrise to sunset," other times a day is from sunset to sunset, sometimes a day is

1000 years, sometimes a week is 7 years, sometimes a week is a week, sometimes a day is an hour, sometimes an hour is a thousand years, it's just to difficult to figure out when what is what.

I believe that, too, was God's plan. I don't believe we are to know the "day and hour" but I firmly believe that God now intends for us to know a narrow time frame of Christ's return. In other words, He wants us to know that the end of the age is very close. If He didn't He would never have bothered to have put so many "signs and wonders" in the Bible for us.

... the manifestations [which we are presently seeing] speak volumes regarding the "end times" that we are living in and that now is the time for everyone to prepare their souls to meet Jesus!"  Desmond Birch:

... When Our Lord states that "no one knows the day nor the hour" - He is specifically referring to his Final Coming and its concomitant Final Judgment at the end of creation and its time. He is not referring to other end time events which precede it...

... the astute Faithful will not be taken off guard by the arrival of THE Antichrist - our Lord even gives them specific signs to watch for in anticipation of that event...

Jesus told his disciples how they might positively identify, first, the circumstances surrounding the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and second, the advent of Antichrist, and third, other events surrounding the end times...

Our Lord tells us that His Final coming will be as unexpected as "a thief in the night". On the other hand, He (and other passages of Scripture) gives us numerous specific signs by which to anticipate the arrival of THE Antichrist...

Beth, <drummonds@saltspring.com:

.. Is it safe to assume the if the conditional chastisement and era of peace are to proceed the capital A Antichrist, Father Iannuzzi's book is speaking of a time after the Antichrist and Tribulation?

Desmond Birch, <irenaeus@qwest.net:

 ... we have dozens of prophecies from Canonized Saints, Blessed and Venerable describing a great era of peace (with or without a conditional Chastisement) which PRECEDES the coming of the Antichrist. There is no conjecture about this. This is fact.

Now - as to the period of a possible Eucharistic Reign _ based upon many of those same prophecies mentioned above - I consider that Reign to perdure during the Age of Peace preceding the coming of THE Antichrist.

Scripture is full of warnings (confirmed by prophecies from many Church-approved sources) of many "antichrists" (with a small "a") prior to the coming of THE Antichrist. I believe that it is highly possible that a major player of an "antichrist" (again, with a small "a") may well precede the Age of Peace foretold to precede the reign of THE Antichrist.

I believe that there has been much confusion on this distinction between a major player on the world scene who will be an "antichrist" (of which many are foretold prior to the specific end times events) _ but who will not be the ultimate "man of sin, the son of perdition" - THE Antichrist.


........ I could well be mistaken, but it seems that, based on numerous recent messages that expected "events" (the Warning, chastisements) are IMMINENT. April 13th of 2006 may very well be the correct date for the Miracle of Garabandal, and of course the Warning must come before that. The first 3 secrets of Medjugorje, I feel, ARE CERTAINLY TIED-IN TO THE WARNING/MIRACLE. More than likely, many predicted "end time" events will be played out soon.

MAYBE! This is all conjecture.

4/11/2002, 4/10/2003, 4/8/04 (Holy Thursday falls on the possible Miracle date in April of 2004 [the Miracle is envisioned as being Eucharistic in nature]) are other possibilities.

Joel Fago, JoelFago@aol.com:

 I was disappointed when April 13, 2000 past with no Miracle. Using a perpetual calendar, I started going through the forthcoming Aprils. When I came to April 13, 2006, I stopped. That date is Holy Thursday.

One of the Medjugorje visionaries, Ivan, said that it will come when most of the world has given up on it ever coming.

Joey Lomangino has said that it will come when the world is in chaos. Economically at least, that has not yet happened for the United States.

I believe that the Miracle will happen on the next date which fulfills all the prophesies (which I believe in), April 13, 2006.

The number "13" does seem to have a significance:

Mary's appearances in Fatima to three children were, mostly, on the 13th. Why the 13th? Esther 10:4, "God hath done these things." The 13th is the day before the feast of Purim. The Church has long considered Esther to be a Type of Mary. A Type is a way of studying Scripture. Esther, a Queen, interceded to the King to save her people.


I do not intend to go to Garabandal until *AFTER* the Warning has come.

We have been expecting the Warning, the Miracle and the Chastisement, in that order...

Mary promises these prodigies soon - "A day, not so far away, will come when God will give to the world a great sign... Perhaps many children think that certain things which I have said in the past will not take place because many years have gone by, but remember that for God time does not count and the day will come... await with hope in your hearts..."



In numerous apparitions, the Blessed Virgin has asked that a 5th & final Marian Dogma (a dogma is a teaching which all must believe) be proclaimed which would clarify her role - "Mediatrix, Coredemptrix, and Advocate" - in God's Plan of Human Salvation.

Some Comments by Ted Flynn (co-author of "The Thunder of Justice"):

 A new Marian Dogma was included in the prophecies of Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam. Ida Peerdeman was the visionary involved with "The Lady of All Nations" revelations in the 1950's.

In 1996, the Bishop of Amsterdam, Henrik Bomers, approved the title and the prayer of "The Lady of All Nations"... To have something approved by a Bishop on this subject is not a casual thing. Only a few times in this century has the Church approved private revelation.

Many believe that we are coming into the years of the Triumph, where the Blessed Mother said at Fatima in 1917, "In the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph." The Dogma will bring a shower of graces to the world almost in the form of a second Pentecost. The proclamation is the KEY TO THE TRIUMPH.

The Lord told Ida Peerdeman that He wanted the Dogma proclaimed... many things point to major events when this Dogma is proclaimed. The approved prophecies of Saint John Bosco and others also direct us to know the times in which we are living. The Holy Spirit is moving in a very powerful way today and we must not quench the Spirit.

This dogma presents nothing that is not in Scripture or established Tradition. It simply defines Our Lady's unique role in salvation. It is surely destined to unlock the door to inestimable graces for the world, and it will bring THE TRIUMPH of the Immaculate Heart!

It will be a catalyst to end the loss of faith. Proclamation of this Fifth & Final Marian Dogma is the key to true world peace.

More comments by Ted Flynn:

Where Rue du Bac opened up the Marian Age, the climax seems to point to the Dogma. The words of LaSalette, Fatima, Akita, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, and Saint John Bosco, - all Church approved people or sites, seem to indicate a culmination of the age as it centers on the Dogma.

Much of the mystical phenomena over the last one hundred years pales in comparison to what this will do for the world. As a matter of fact it is a prelude to the future, and the past has readied us for it now. It will provide a deeper dimension to our faith...

************* BACKGROUND:

Just as the apparitions at Lourdes confirmed the then-recently pronounced dogma of the Immaculate Conception, so too there have been apparitions confirming the declaration of Mary as Co_Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate...............

In Haarlem (Amsterdam, Holland), between 1945 and 1959, Ida Peerdeman, a highly credible visionary, received inner locutions wherein Our Lady referred to this title. Mary predicted that "a final Marian dogma" proclaiming herself as "Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate" would be made in a future year.

The Lady of all Nations said that there will be no peace until the new dogma is officially proclaimed. Hence we may presume that such declaration must be pre-emptive to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart coming to fruition.

It is interesting to note that, coincident with the formation of this new Dogma, devotion to Jesus under the title "KING OF ALL NATIONS" (derived from Sacred Scripture and private revelations received by two American women between 1988 and 1992 [it is also a companion of the DIVINE MERCY devotion revealed through Sister Faustina of Poland in the 1930's]) is also gaining simultaneous support.

{This Devotion is also consistent with Scripture, Tradition, and the Teaching Authority of the Church & has also been granted the Nihil Obstat.}

In 1990, Jesus King of All Nations said,

"I desire that the souls who embrace my devotion make a special consecration to My Most holy Mother under her title of 'Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace", which it has pleased Me, in My great love for her, to give her.

People must acknowledge her indispensable role as the Mediatrix, the Channel, of All My Grace to mankind. Only when this dogma is officially proclaimed by My Church, will I truly establish My Reign on earth!"


Although it seems like the Vatican has ruled out this dogma *at this point in time*, I think that things will change (drastically) after the Miracle, and that this dogma will eventually be proclaimed. In fact, Pope John Paul II has said that he *will* proclaim it.

Signed petitions in support of the proposed dogma are needed and are attainable from 76726.2533@compuserve.com or simply reply to this E-Mail.

This dogma is the key to unlock the door to inestimable graces for the world, and it will bring THE TRIUMPH of the Immaculate Heart!


Alleged message from Our Lady:

"... when you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, it will be the time for My last Dogma to be proclaimed. This will usher in the 'final phase' of the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

My triumph of My Immaculate Heart could occur at any time. However, most likely, after the Great Prophesied Event of the Great Miracle. Heaven, however, desired this proclamation years ago..."


 I believe during this time when the "final" dogma is declared that it will be the time of the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart - the time of the Divine Will and the Second Pentecost... with the Eucharistic Miracle... proclamation of this dogma will coincide with the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

************* Some *Possibilities*..........

1) The Warning and Miracle could come before this dogma is proclaimed, thus "convincing" theologians who have opposed such declaration to push for this dogma.

2) On the other hand, if the Warning and Miracle haven't yet come and, as now, there is still much objection against this dogma, proclamation of it could prove to be THE trigger" that leads to predicted apostasy/schism, and even possible exile of John Paul II, etc.


If His unmitigated Power is necessary for a demonstration, then so be it and God help us.

I believe His "Power" will come 1st as *Mercy* - in the Warning, and then a Chastisement if people don't change.

Comments by Reverend David Wilkerson, [(C) 1998 by World Challenge, Lindale, Texas.]...............

 "... I Believe Right Now We Are Experiencing the Calm Prior to The Greatest Storm America Has Ever Suffered!

America is enjoying its greatest prosperity ever... prosperity and peace... Yet the Bible says whenever people are crying, "Peace and prosperity!", sudden destruction is about to fall...

... the apostle Peter warned that many believers would react [with apathy towards such warnings]: "... there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation" (2 Peter 3:3).

God has judged every past society for lesser sins than America's... God destroyed Noah's generation, as well as Sodom, all for lesser sins than ours. What arrogance to think that while these societies were judged severely, we might be spared!

... Why does God tell his prophets [such as present_day visionaries] to shout their warnings from the housetops? He wants to warn his people - to stir us up to seek him! He wants to convict us of all our attempts to cast off Christ's yoke... He wants us to keep our eyes on Jesus - to seek heavenly things - because those are the only things that will stand in the coming storm!

... the Bible assures us God never sends judgment on any society without first revealing to his prophets what he plans to do: "Surely the Lord will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7)...

We always have to keep in mind, God's only purpose in lovingly calling us back to himself is to protect us in such times of storm. Yet often in biblical history, when he gave these warnings, the people refused to listen: "He sent prophets to them, to bring them again unto the Lord; and they testified against them: but they would not give ear" (2 Chronicles


Almost always, God's people grew weary of these warnings. This was especially true if a prophet cried out about a coming storm over a period of years, but the society only continued to be prosperous and at peace. Over time, the people simply switched off the prophet's voice. They simply didn't want to hear it anymore:

"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord" (Amos 8:11).

 [Above text (C) 1998 by World Challenge, Lindale, Texas, Reverend David Wilkerson] ............

Bruce Beach, survival@webpal.org:

8/6/2000... The world has never seen before, the degree of [manmade] control in existence today:

The cities have never been so large, the skyscrapers so high, the stock market so high and stable, the unemployment in North America so low, the prisons so full, the crime rates so low, the lack of plagues for so long, the life expectancy so long, the population so large, life so great, the weapons of war so numerous and so idle, the dam so ready to burst.

On the surface, such calm and quiet, as people build more and higher above the earthquake faults and the sleeping volcano (I speak in analogy - rather than with concern about those actual).

The rumblings beneath the surface go unnoticed, except to the rare observer...  Dan Millar:

.. from my own studies, I can tell you that we've been living on borrowed time since April 10, 1997, literally in God's 'Grace Period'. It was that day which the Antichrist was supposed to come to power, but due to unknown, or unseen Divine forces, was delayed.

[Not to] frighten anyone (duly or unduly), but it certainly looks as if it's all about to start very soon. So, I guess the best advice is to intensify your prayers and evangelizations, etc., and keep watching.  ............

 I guess the best anyone can do is to keep their soul free from sin by attending confession often and pray, pray, pray as our Holy Mother says too. We should not worry for tomorrow, today has worries enough... .. if we meditate on the re-unification of the holy brotherhood of man in the Light of the Holy Spirit, there is nothing to fear.

Right! "No Fear". "Do not be afraid", as the Pope says.

Fr. Ianuzzi:

 While fear is a gift of the Holy Spirit, it is NOT the servile fear with which we have become all too familiar. The gift of fear is translated literally in the Latin as "holy respect", not fear at all! In fact St. John tells us that "perfect love casts out all fear" (1 Jn. 4:18).

... the future will provide for itself. God will protect those who consecrate themselves to him TODAY. Those who speak of the Jubilee year as the last year to make peace with God are not entirely correct either. The merciful grace of God, St. Faustina tells us, is given to the most hardened sinner up to his very last breath...

Rita, YAYA458709@aol.com:

 The strange thing that I see is that we all want to get to heaven be with Jesus and Mary and all the angels and saints and the beautiful place of peace, no tears, no pain etc., but none of us wants to die, If we become sick we pray to get well, we have all our friends pray for us to get well, you can only get to heave is by dying. DON'T BE AFRAID.

Absolutely true, Rita. People should *look forward* to death. I'm learning to. That's why one of the first things I emphasize is the necessity of being prepared for our own personal 'end-time'.

I am wheelchair-bound due to a degenerative nerve condition. A miracle cure would be neat, but I don't dwell on being 'cured'. I try, rather, to be prepared for death, as everyone should.


Alfred J Kelly, ajkelly3@juno.com:

 Our Lady has said that when Satan thinks he has it all wrapped up, She will snatch it all away from him....

 [In her messages, Mary doesn't suggest that the time of grace is over ... but personally I think it's coming to an end.

Our Lady's monthly message from Medjugorje, November 25, 1997:


"... I led and am leading you through this time of grace..."


Visionary Charles Shattuck, Jr.:

 Are we close to the end? I believe there is no doubt in the minds of most people today, that some signs of the "end" have emerged. I believe we are living through the most difficult and decisive period of time..."the conclusive phase". Today, more than ever, Our Blessed Lady has been warning humanity to repent and reform their lives or else..."face the consequences"...

I am reminded, for your own encouragement, of a message Our Blessed Lord gave me one day. He said, " I repeat, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is near, as is the Transformation. Do not give up hope!... I tell you... that day is coming."

Pam, pab4@concentric.net:

... before Jesus' return surely we will have the much prophesied Warning, Miracle and possible chastisement... I think everyone senses regardless of whether they are religious in any sense of the word or not, that something is terribly wrong with this society and that people are unnerved by what they see happening.

I think many people feel that something needs to happen very soon to correct the world. I for one am wandering why something like the Warning hasn't happened yet. I am astounded that God has not yet "corrected" us and that we are allowed to continue in our anti-life ways. Come Lord Jesus. Come by means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary your beloved Mom...

(Mat 24:37) "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."

(Mat 24:39) "and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."

Fr. Burns Commentary, April 25, 1999:

 "Time and Mercy without Justice have come to an end, My Justice will be poured forth. This is the content of many, many, messages that have come forth in recent months, more and more frequently and insistently."

From La Salette - through Fatima - through Akita: all approved revelations - From Garabandal - through Medjugorje - through Mary's Messages to Fr. Gobbi: revelations that have the "sense" of authenticity.

God has been telling us that we are heading into the GREAT MERCIFUL CHASTISEMENT...


Mary's Messages to Fr. Gobbi:


"You have entered into the conclusive period of The Purification and The Great Tribulation, and the hour of The Great Trial which I have been foretelling to you for so many years...

it is necessary for the Church and for all humanity in order that the New Era, the New World, and the reconciliation of humanity with their Lord may come upon you..." ++++++++++

The Father is about to act in a startling and immense way in the world.

... Jesus is poised and ready to return to earth... He said, "I'm going to return in great splendored glory, and no one on earth will have the words to describe the majesty of my return."... If you don't know Him, now is the time to ask Him to save you. Soon the trumpet will sound and the Grace Period will end.


The Blessed Mother delivered through Christina Gallagher a powerful piece of advice to help unbelievers:

"It was clear there was no more time to give excuses for not believing, because excuses someday would not be enough. If one wanted to find the truth, the formula was now given. With just a little faith and prayer, the Queen of Heaven was showing the way to The Light."


In 1862, St. John Bosco had a dream wherein he saw a naval battle symbolizing the conflict of the then-future Church with the forces of evil. The "ship of St. Peter" ("Captained" by the Pope), found safety when it was anchored between two columns.

According to this Saint, the vision referred to events yet to come in the Church. The Church (represented by the ship) could achieve stability and safety only by attaching to the two pillars - one symbolizing devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, the other symbolizing devotion to the Blessed Mother.

He said that this chaos (war) followed by tranquility (through the appropriate devotions) would be realized sometime in the 20th century.


18th Century: Fr. Nectou, S. J. prophecy _

"The confusion will be so general that men will not be able to think aright, as if God had withheld His Providence from mankind, and that, during the worst crisis, the best that can be done would be to remain where God has placed us, and persevere in fervent prayers ... At that time there will be such a terrible crisis that people will believe that the end of the world has come. Blood will flow in many large cities. The very elements will be convulsed. It will be like a little General Judgment." ++++++++++++


The world is certainly in a lot of physical commotion due to natural & artificial disasters, and spiritual chaos due to lack of moral conviction. Now, furthermore it has been prophesied that the Antichrist ('Maitreya' or someone else) will assume power immediately following the Warning. Some visionaries say he will have a "cohort" in the Vatican - an Antipope.

This would *seemingly* imply that John Paul II is exiled around the time of the Warning. And messages from several visionaries claim that the Antichrist is due *SOON*.

So if the Warning comes soon, that means John Paul II *may* soon be replaced ("they" could use "deteriorating" health as an excuse). And there *IS* a strong ongoing effort to remove him!


Necessity of preciseness?...........

I find it quite amazing how some people are so worried about working out a precise date for future end time events. Yes, it is important to be prepared, but should we not be prepared all the time anyway, by just following Jesus' teachings of love and forgiveness, REGARDLESS whether the 'END TIMES' are coming or not?

It's mostly a matter of curiosity because SO MANY messages seem to indicate imminence. Yet Mary says not to worry about *when* things will come. Well I'm not "worried" and am not trying to incite worry. Just awareness. Spiritual preparedness is *always* important.

 I am interested in times and details, though I am not obsessed with that. I don't find the messages about the tribulations to be frightening. On the contrary. What frightens me most is that the world could go on the way it is now ... forever!

The world as it is now is more frightening than anything else. I can hardly stand it anymore. It seems obvious that almost nobody pays attention to the messages of Our Lady. Her continued apparitions have not bring a more spiritually healthy society.

So, I am exhausted, like many other people around me that I know. I look forward to the Warning. I can't wait for it. This is why I am interested in dates. It gives me hope that maybe the world will be better after...

 In Medjugorje, one of the seers was promised in 1982 that she would be alive at the end... [which] would fall in the 2030's... [since] she was 17 at the time... But than again, this is known only to God...

It is also presumed that Sr. Lucia, who is now 93 years old, will live to witness the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart/New Era/End of [our] Time.

Memo Received:

... It has been my position for a while that a major error that has been frequently made by students of prophecy is expecting the Second Coming too soon. There were people talking about it being "2000 years since the First Coming of Christ" back in the 1950's. Actually it can only be within the last few years that we have crossed that threshold.

... although it is now about 2000 years since the Birth of Christ, it is not 2000 years since the beginning of His role as Messiah, or, we might say, the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. In fact, that date might well be figured from the last of the marker events that you identify, that is, Pentecost. If we figure from that to a time of 2000 years in the future, we might well come to a probable year for the Second Coming of

2033 AD. (There is dispute as to the actual dates.)

... the Second Coming must occur within approximately the next 50 years. But even a date as late as 2033 would be well within that limit. Still, we can't depend on it being that late. As Jesus said, "the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect Him" (Matthew 24:44)...

(*Perhaps* the period between 2025 and 2033 [since the *precise* year of Christ's birth has been placed as early as 7 B. C. and hence the exact year of His Resurrection - not counting the year "0" - is also uncertain, HOWEVER, more recent research indicates that Pope Innocent X envisioned the future and past, and made the necessary corrections/ adjustments to the modern calendar, so that December 25th, 2000 DOES INDEED mark THE EXACT dual millennial birth of Christ] would be a more appropriate anniversary).

But my original focus has always been, and remains, the Warning, Miracle, and Era of Peace, which I *do* believe will arrive early in this 3rd millennium (by 2019).

 ... there are some wise, loving, spiritual teachings (although not Catholic) that now say, that we are heading towards a great enlightenment, the re-unification of the brotherhood of man. They say, that OUR SPIRITUAL AWAKENING TO THE RECOGNITION OF OUR FATHER represents what is commonly called "The Second Coming of Christ".

Exactly! The Era of Peace ("re-unification"), the Warning ("awakening"), and Second Coming of Christ IN SPIRIT. Different interpretations, but the same "results".


_ Mike Coppi, Michael_J_Coppi@compuserve.com                See also...............

"End Time Speculation", http://www.crosswinds.net/~endtimespeculate/

"Prophecies of Our Century", http://www.angelfire.com/id/fatimaonline/

"Marian Visions/End Times", http://www.arch_angel.net/MJC