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On my web site I have collected all the information available on kerosene heaters and lamps, plus I have the wicks for sale at reasonable prices.  Site Index


Kerosene Heater Wicks:

Kerosene Heater Information:

Owner's Manuals for some kerosene heaters:

  • Aladdin Tropic S181U Owner's Manual, .pdf download I made from an original manual.
  • Aladdin TR2000/TR3000 Owner's Manual, .pdf download 2.1 MB. The TR2000/3000 series heaters are very unique, with a different wick raising system than any other heaters I have seen.  I made this pdf copy from an original owner's manual, but it used blue ink and bled through on scanning, so I had to photocopy the original pages before scanning. The quality is not as good as I would like, but it is the best I could do with what I had to work with.
  • Auto Motor Heaters - operating instructions I made from an original brochure.
  • Everglow P-E12 Owner's Manual, pdf download, 1.2 MB.  I made this from an old, faded owner's manual, but it's here!  This owner's manual is valuable as it has instructions for heaters with a metal screen over the catalytic converter.  Everglow heaters were well made.
  • KOGY 100 - a .pdf download I made from the factory owner's manual.  This manual is valuable because the KOGY 100 uses an iris-type shut off mechanism common to some other older convection heaters, and the proper method of heater operation and disassembly is illustrated in this manual.
  • Owner's Manuals: some American Wick, EnviroTemp, HeatMate, KeroHeat, KeroJet, & Sengoku (Look for the model number, not the brand name, as they are the same heaters.)
  • Owner's Manuals for most Toyotomi heaters (KeroSun, Toyoset, etc.)
  • Owner's Manuals: DuraHeat kerosene heaters.
  • Sunbeam OHR G23H - a .pdf download provided by a customer.

Photo Album:  All things kerosene.  Wicks, heaters, lamps, stoves....