Missionaries of Charity

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Kolkata 700016, India


19 February, 2003





It has been brought to my attention that so-called �prophecies� allegedly made by our Mother, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, on her deathbed have appeared in print and on the internet.


There is no truth whatsoever to such �prophecies�, including those that have been reportedly revealed by a �nun, Sr. Evangeline McGrath�.


We ask for the immediate withdrawal of such �prophecies� attributed to our Mother from the print, computer and any other media out of respect for the truth.


For authentic articles about our Mother, the public can visit the official website of Mother Teresa�s cause for beatification and canonization at www.motherteresacause.info



God bless you,

Sd/ Sr. M. Nirmala M.C.

Superior General

Posted in August, 2001

I have called this post the "Prophesy Of Mother Theresa" for the very reason that she NEVER was known to have a vision or apparition. It is this very fact that makes her ONLY KNOWN apparition so striking. She had it on her deathbed and it was revealed to her beloved sisters. The Church has never, to my knowledge, ever spoken of this. I can see why: It speaks in terms of SPECIFIC people, places, and dates. This specificity, and the fact that we are witnessing events rolling into place as I type this, makes me think this is authentic, the "real McCoy" as it were. Perhaps this is indeed Heaven's Blueprint that we might watch unfold.  Tom S., New Jersey.    

[Note from Miles: There is no verification of this prophesy, but that is not unexpected. Remember that LaSalette took decades to gain imprimatur. The Vatican did not release the Third Secret of Fatima for half a century, and it may not have been the real "secret."  Garabandal has never received Vatican approval. You don't have to believe it. Your choice. But I had a responsibility to put it up for people to examine on their own. There is nothing more I can add to this statement.]

Blessed Mother Theresa September 5, 1997 Note: Mother Theresa died at 9:30pm on the evening of September 5, 1997, in the mother house of her convent in Calcutta. At around 8:15pm that evening, Mother Theresa awoke and summoned the other nuns to gather around her. She told them,

"I have had a vision of things to come. Our Lord Jesus Christ has bidden me to disclose it to you so that you might be prepared for a time of woe and be safeguarded from evil. The Four Horsemen spoken in the book of Revelation, have mounted their steeds. Their ride begins. You will hear their hoofbeats within five years time." (Mother Therese was quite specific as to the timing of the first three scourges, Plague, War and Famine.)

"The plague will break out first in Asia in August 2002. At first it will be ignored by world health authorities, but it will spread and its victims will multiply rapidly � millions and millions of poor souls. As the plague rages, the true identity of the Beast of Revelation will be revealed; a creature who delights in death, pain and misery. This man will come from Iran, and will proudly display the number 666�.. With contemptuous ease, the Beast will assassinate Saddam Hussein early in 2003 in a murder plot involving Arab Sheikhs, and he will spread his power through Iraq and Saudi Arabia�. War will break out in the Middle East in October 2003. It will start with the assassination of a major figure�.This shocking event will provoke a wave of suicide attacks against the United States�.. Like the plague, the war will escalate quickly�A brief, bloody, global confrontation will ensue. America will emerge victorious, but with great loss of life, and the economy in ruins. Enter the third Horseman � Famine." �.But when things are at their very worst, and the winter bites hard, the fourth Horseman makes his appearance. This rider is not `Death' as in Revelation, but becomes `Hope'� Hope will become the promise of a new message from Our Lady of Fatima. Hundreds at the Shrine will witness the Virgin predicting victory in the war, and a 1000 year Era of Peace on earth."